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Global Information Protection Management Practice

As the importance of personal information and the risk of leakage increase,
Strict global privacy regulations such as Europe's GDPR, AI Act, and California's CCPA·CPRA have emerged.
In this situation, the ability to manage information not only determines the performance of AI models but also the future of companies.
INFINIQ is practicing information protection management by obtaining related international certification along with the development of WELLID for personal information management.

First time in the data industry ISO/IEC27701 SGS

International standards that prove the current status of corporate personal information management and compliance with global personal information protection regulations such as GDPR.

ISO27001 SGS

International Standard for Information Protection Management System established based on standardized practical rules for information protection management and Global Best Practice.

Wellid an artificial intelligence de-identification solution.

Wellid's Blur & Deepfake feature will help you protect and use all your personal information safely.

blur 변환 전 변환 blur 변환 후

The blurring function detects and automatically blur the selected object (e.g., face, license plate, sensitive information).

Deepfake 변환 전 변환 Deepfake 변환 후

Deep fake creates a virtual face by synthesizing substitutes that reflect the original characteristics.


  • The accuracy of object recognition.
    99.9% or more.
  • Processing speed per unit.
  • Using the object recognition algorithm,
    Processing personal information automatically.

Application fieldAutomatic driving, smart city, finance, education, distribution, transportation, administration, etc.

  • Automatic driving
  • Smart city
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Distribution
  • Administration
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