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Annotation Management System MY CROWD

AMS is a system that can process source data. Use the system to generate data that can be utilized for actual AI models.
Numerous skilled crowd-style workers can participate in AI data projects to process high-quality data in a short period of time.
The AI functionality of MYCROWD makes it easier for workers to perform faster and more meticulous tasks

annotation tool

Application fieldSelf-driving, unmanned retail, medical, home appliances, sports, security, software, education, etc.

  • Self-driving
  • Unmanned retail.
  • Medical
  • Home appliances
  • Sports
  • Security
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  • Raw data
    RMS refers to a system for managing source data. Meta data can be generated with cleaning, curation, and De-anonymization functions for data before processing. This gives meaning to the data and purifies the actual data to be processed.
  • Data
    It manages large-scale annotated data assets that have been inspected through AMS. Validation of the final data is performed, and data is systematized so that it can be utilized in the right place through visualizing and analysis processing. It also increases the utilization and value of data by synchronizing multiple data combinations.
  • Hexvision
    HEX VISION refers to an INFINIQ fusion technology engine to provide AI functions to RMS, AMS, and DMS. Based on this engine, interactions between systems take place.

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