Sensor Fusion

Synchronizing and mapping data from multiple sensors is a crucial part in development of perception in autonomous driving.

INFINIQ is one of the few data providers that performs multi-sensor calibration to synchronization and annotation of sensor fusion data.

Sensor Fusion

Service Description

2D/3D sensor fusion technologies such as camera,
LiDAR, etc. are provided for multi-sensor data logging.

Service Items

Installation and maintenance of various multi-modal sensors

Calibration to increase the precision of multi-sensor fusion

Time synchronization for sensor fusion dataset logging

  1. 1 Multi-Sensor Calibration

    Calibrate Camera and LiDAR Sensors to get extrinsic parameters

  2. 2 2D/3D Data Synchronization

    Perform automatic time synchronization between 2D image and 3D point-cloud data

  3. 3 2D/3D Sensor Fusion Annotation

    Sensor Fusion between 2D and 3D sensor data for more accurate object detection and distance estimation

    3D Cuboid/Segmentation annotation on aligned 2D image