Training autonomous vehicle’s AI requires large volumes of data and collecting petabytes of
data from various locations around the world is a challenge.

INFINIQ can perform data collection around the globe in adverse edge cases using its own logging vehicles. It collects petabytes of data through multiple sensors such as LiDAR, camera, radar.

Data Collection

Service Description
High-precision and high-quality data collection of multimodal data in various environments and scenarios with sensor fusion.
Service Items
Available to utilize dedicated logging vehicles and infrastructure Objects detected and sorted in real time with AI Vast data storage and 5G-wireless data transmission

Data Logging Car

Service Description
Logging vehicles with multiple sensors such as LiDAR, camera and radar are deployed at the project sites to collect petabytes of data
Service Items
Data cleansing in real-time through the built-in device installed in the logging car Collect data in adverse edge cases such as night, rain, snow, fog, mountain, underground parking area, construction site, roundabout, etc.