Collected raw data goes through anonymization process to protect personal information prior to data annotation.

INFINIQ provides an anonymization solution that offers a highly efficient and cost-effective way to protect sensitive information to comply with stringent data privacy regulations like the EU’s GDPR and America's CCPA.


Wellid is data anonymization solution that quickly and accurately detects and anonymizes any identifiable faces and license plates in videos and images. This solution is highly effective in protecting personal information amidst the large volume of data collected, achieving an accuracy rate of over 99.9%.

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Application Targets

  • Faces
  • License plates
  • OCR

DifferentiationAI model trained with over 1 million images from over 200 different environments

  • + 99% Accuracy
  • Scale up with
    Parallel Processing
  • High-Speed Processing

Service Types

  • SaaS Data volume based monthly subscription
  • On-Premise Full hardware and software installation on site
  • Embedded Customized in customer’s device

Anonymization Type

  • Blur Make target objects unclear
    and indistinguishable.
  • Replace Swap target objects with
    random AI-generated faces automatically.


  • Selective Option
    Target Object &
    Blurred Level of Density
    Adjustable options available for Density levels, Anonymization Targets
  • High Resolution
    4K Resolution Supported From low resolution to high resolution of 4K UHD is supported
  • Data Storage Options
    Various Data Storage
    NAS, Cloud, File Server, On-device are supported
  • Reporting
    Reporting Receive report by email and system notification

Use Case

  • Data Collection for
    Autonomous Driving
    PROBLEM Autonomous Driving development requires Trainable data, which needs to be anonymized in order to protect personal information such as license plate and human face collected from various environments.
    SOLUTION Data logging device with built-in data anonymization solution solves privacy issue at real time.
  • Privacy-Preserved
    Driver Monitoring System
    PROBLEM In-cabin monitoring system can be developed using human face and behavior and analyzes occupant gestures like driver drowsiness, gaze detection, body pose to promote better safety on the road. It must simultaneously satisfy the requirements of personal privacy protection.
    SOLUTION Privacy-preserved system anonymize an individual’s facial identity before transmitting the video frames to a data server.
  • Permission of Analysis
    of Surveillance Data
    PROBLEM Video surveillance cameras in public monitors around city centers, airports, and public roads. Mass surveillance poses the risk of intrusions on privacy at unprecedented scales.
    SOLUTION Blur or replace technology can protect personal information.
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