INFINIQ’s data annotation service is powered by AI and it is around 10 times faster compared to the manual labeling done by human workforce.

The cloud-based platform called MyCrowd provides extremely powerful annotation tools and managing and monitoring multiple annotation projects is possible.

Data Annotation

Service Description
creation of best-quality datasets based on the
experiences and capabilities of autonomous grade labeling
Service Items
Operate a 2D/3D and fusion dataset annotation platform Monitor the processes of a dataset creation
project and provide statistics
Manage the performance and
quality of a human-in-the-loop data labeler

Data Inspection

Service Description
Inspection with computer vision technologies and by data quality experts
Service Items
A collaboration of the human-work force and AI algorithm 3-Level data inspection by experts for high-quality data Auto Semantic Correctness Check
-. Checking object-fit, overdrawing
Auto Syntax Completeness check
-. Finding missing annotation


Most important is just “data” in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the age of digital new deal. In particular, the most fundamental requirements are the tasks that produce, collect, and label AI learning data.

My Crowd, which works as a window to connect through crowdsourcing the right workers and an end-user company that needs AI learning data, provides the end user with high-quality data and the workers with returns according to throughput.

My Crowd, filled with INFINIQ’s abundant experience of dataset construction in various business fields and its own AI technologies, will provide both its clients and workers with the return they will be satisfied with. Please gain the data you want more simply and conveniently.

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  • Data Accuracy +99%
  • Number of Customers 253
  • Number of Projects 2K
  • Number of Object 1B

About the Service

My Crowd, where humans and machine learning are combined, is an AI data processing platform that constructs AI learning data.

Application Targets

  • Image
  • Video
  • Speech
  • Text

Annotation Type

  • Bounding Boxes
  • 3D Cuboids
  • Polygons
  • Lines & Splines
  • Semantic Segmentations
  • Landmarks / Skeleton Annotations
  • 3D Lidar Annotations


  • As a web-based platform,
    workable anywhere to maximize work efficiency

  • AI-based labeling
    automation supported

  • Flexible
    GT delivery format supported

  • Operational convenience
    in a big project

  • Visualization of characteristics for stats
    and datasets of images, objects, and engineers

  • Large-scale storage

  • Enhanced security
    through the protection of personal information
    GDPR, CCPA, CPRA observed

  • Crowdsourced / Internal labor / Domain-specific labo
    flexible workforce

Application Fields Autonomous driving, unmanned retail, medicine, appliances, sports, security, etc.

  • Autonomous
  • Unmanned
    retail Medicine
  • Medicine
  • appliances
  • sports
  • security
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