always seeks for
innovative tomorrow.

INFINIQ does not miss its venture of holding a string of questions to look for the best-quality solution
for its customers. It also asks for a better and more innovative tomorrow
with which its and its customers’ growth can be realized together.

Your Innovating Solution The partner for your progress, the solution for innovative tomorrow

As a partner for the progress of its customers who have tried to drive their digital transformation,
INFINIQ has persistently made the solutions that accelerate innovation.

To let every bit of data in the world make tomorrow more innovative,
INFINIQ finds even the smallest possibility that data may carry and
creates new and infinite experiences with its innovative AI solutions.


INFINIQ has practiced the core values in accordance with its main businesses
to provide its customers with the best satisfaction based on its corporate vision.

  • Trust
    Infinite Trust

    INFINIQ does not depend on better quality
    to have improved ways and processes.
    It makes an effort in itself to seek after more solid
    and infinite trust with its customers.

  • Empower
    Infinite Empowerment

    INFINIQ, a power source that aims to give a spur
    to future mobility and an innovative partner
    for autonomous driving, provides its customers
    with infinite dynamics toward tomorrow.

  • Experience
    Infinite Experience

    INFINIQ lets AI become a technology to improve
    the world and presents new and
    infinite experiences to its customer’s
    everyday occurrences in the end.

Awards and Achievements

INFINIQ has been awarded citations from the President and Science-Technology Minister
as well as various certificates and citations, such as the CES Innovation Award,
and was appointed as a Korea Innovative Company, so it has grown as a future unicorn company.

2021 - 2022

  • Awarded the CES 2022 Innovative Award
  • Awarded by the Minister of Education (LINC)
  • Awarded by the Prime Minister
    (for the growth of small and middle businesses)
  • Awarded the Korea Technology Innovation Award
    (for an autonomous driving solution)
  • Awarded by the Chairman of the AI Industry Association
  • Awarded by the Minister of Small and Middle Business Venture
    (for technological innovation)
  • Awarded by the Minister of Science Technology Information
    and Communication (for data processing)
  • Applied for a patent in the USA (with a method to identify goods)
  • Chosen as a Korea AI Start-Up 100
  • ISO27701 certified
  • Accredited as a certified testing institution by KOLAS
  • Certified by Hi-Seoul Biz Company Association
  • Participated in CES 2022
  • Appointed as a 2022 AI Voucher Company
    by National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA; two vouchers)
  • Appointed for a four-year R&D project by Institute of Information
    & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP)
  • Appointed for a two-year ICT solution project
    by the Ministry of Small and Middle Business Venture
  • Participated in CES 2021
  • Opened an AI-based unmanned store Mealy
  • Launched a de-identification service Wellid
  • Launched the My Crowd Global service
  • Started off a project of Indoor Slam with Murata of Japan
  • Contracted a co-project for behavior recognition NDA (Volvo CE)
  • Appointed as a 2021 Voucher Company by NIPA (one voucher)

2019 - 2020

  • Awarded the Grand Prize for Corporate
    Competitiveness Software
    (the best award for embedded/mobile)
  • Awarded by the Minister of Education
    (for industry–university cooperation)
  • Awarded by the Minister of Small
    and Middle Business Venture (for job creation)
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • AI technology certified
  • Certified by KOLAS
  • Awarded the Certificate of Direct Production Confirmation
    (for software engineering)
  • Awarded the Certificate of Direct Production Confirmation
    (for system management)
  • Participated in CES 2020
  • Appointed as a 2020 AI Voucher Company (two vouchers)
  • Launched AI Data Annotation Platform My Crowd
  • Formed a corporation in Europe
  • Founded and merged a subsidiary company AI Studio
  • Registered as a partner for AIRS Company of Hyundai Motor Group
  • Launched a radar annotation service
  • Launched an autonomous-driving data collection service
  • Started to transact business with AIRS Company
    with Hyundai Mobis and Hyundai Mnsof

2016 - 2018

  • Awarded by the Chief of Seoul Regional
    Employment and Labor Office
  • Awarded by the Minister of Science,
    ICT and Future Planning
  • Started to research and develop AI algorithms (2018)
  • Started to process AI data (2016)
  • Founded INFINIQ Vietnam
  • Launched a LiDAR 3D annotation service
  • Launched data annotation products
  • Founded and separated a corporation Qood
  • Incorporated as an affiliate of a software testing company in Vietnam

2006 - 2015

  • Awarded for Gender Equality
    in Employment by President (2015)
  • Awarded for Harmonious Family
    by Minister of Gender Equality and Family(2013)
  • Awarded for dedication to the progress
    of the software industry
    by Minister of Knowledge Economy (2009)
  • Consulted for the diagnosis of testing capability
    as Korea’s first private quality certification service from SK Telecom
  • Constructed a private mobile test bed in Korea Started to validate cars


  • Corporation founded

Certificates and Awards

  • ISO-27001Certified for information
    security by ISO
  • ISO-27701Certified for personal
    information protection by ISO
  • KOLASCertified by KOLAS
  • KOREA AI START-UP 100Certified by KOLAS
  • CES 2022 Innovation AwardAppointed as an Innovative
    Software and Smart City
  • Family-Friendly CompanyCertified as
    a Family-Friendly Company
  • Hi SeoulCertified as
    a Best Company of Seoul

Key Customers

  • HYUNDAI mobis
  • HYUNDAI mnsoft
  • Qualcomm
  • LG
  • SK
  • muRata
  • SL
  • spring Cloud
  • 42dot
  • NIA
  • Kdata
  • nipa
  • NC
  • NOUL
  • NUN lab
  • beyiess
  • IITP

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