Data Service

With the expansion of AI adoption in various industries, it has become crucial to build
high-quality large-scale datasets. INFINIQ accelerates AI transition based on the DataStudio
framework and provides dataset building services optimized for the entire data life cycle,
including data design/collection/refinement/labeling and dataset quality management.

Data Collection

Construct the source data available for AI recognition use.

Service Features
High-precision data collection such as multi-modal
data acquisition according to various environments,
scenarios, and sensor fusion
How to Collect
Road scene multi-sensor logging and calibration, image and video collection, multi-modal collection

Data Cleansing

Vast source-data characteristics are sorted to prepare effective target data.

Service Features
Automatically identify and prioritize the most high-value data to be labelled at scale quickly and easily
How to Cleanse
Data profiling, data curation, automatic deidentification

Data Annotation

GT is created by applying labeling methods best fit to AI algorithm learning.

Service Features
MyCrowd is a data annotation platform that integrates vision AI and labeling operation expertise to maximize productivity and quality level of dataset.
How to Annotate
Meta tagging, BBox, Polygon, Semantic
Segmentation, Polyline,Cuboid, Point, Skeleton,
LiDar(3D PC)...

Data Inspection

Quality Control to secure quality metrics and quality goals of a dataset.

Service Features
Inspection by data quality experts using vision AI technology
How to Inspect
Verify the quality of dataset using 3-step quality assurance system with Labler, Reviewer, and Inspector. Sematic semantic corectness check (IOU comparison) and syntax completeness check (Find a missing class) are carried out.