AI Development

INFINIQ has its own AI R&D department that is working to enhance the automation capabilities of its Data Annotation Platform. It develops AI technologies such as auto- profiling, auto-anonymization, auto-labeling, and auto-inspection. Additionally, INFINIQ provides AI model development services based on customer requests from various industries such as autonomous driving, smart mobility, robotics, smart retail, smart factory, and security.

Experts in the field

Our team of highly experienced data engineers and scientists build end-to-end AI solutions to accelerate the development of AI. With years of R&D experience, the team provides full-service support through every stage of the AI lifecycle.

R&D Areas

Researching and developing DataOps technology for ML/DL datasets, as well as 2D/3D sensor data processing and computer vision recognition technology.

  • A DataOps system that integrates the processing of AI training datasets with algorithm development Providing optimized dataset workflows and insights tailored for the purpose of utilizing artificial intelligence, enabling collaboration, continuous dataset supply, and model improvement
  • Effective dataset design,
    characteristics sorting, and
    meta-analysis necessary for AI training
    Designing dataset specifications and automatic extraction and analysis of metadata to improve ML/DL inference performance
  • Computer vision-based object detection,
    face recognition, behavior recognition,
    and tracking technology
    Video/Image object detection, face recognition, abnormal behavior detection, and tracking technology using deep learning (HEX Vision)
  • 2D+3D sensor fusion
    and multi-modal calibration
    Calibration, synchronization, and automatic object sorting
    to gain multi-sensor datasets for autonomous driving
    and smart mobility
  • 2D image
    / 3D LiDAR (point cloud) labeling
    AI labeling tools and automatic labeling technology for developing GT data for training computer vision recognition algorithms
  • Data augmentation and synthetic data
    processing to create, transform,
    and synthesize data
    Data augmentation and synthetic data processing under specific conditions such as edge case, corner case, abnormal case, etc.
  • Automatic deidentification
    of personal information in a video
    A technology that automatically anonymizes individuals requiring privacy protection in video.

Results from R&D

AI Studio, the lab of INFINIQ, has succeeded in developing technologies available
for application in the fields of computer vision and data processing.

  • AI Engine
    in Computer Vision
    Computer vision–based AI engine
    to recognize behaviors, objects,
    and faces
    HEX Vision
  • 2D/3D Labeling Tool An annotation tool with pretreatment
    applied by automatic object recognition and boundary extraction
  • AI Training Dataset
    Management Solution
    An integrated dataset platform
    available to control annotation tools
    and resources, monitor performance,
    and manage datasets
  • Smart Shop Solutions A vision-based retail solution that may be applied from small
    unmanned shops to middle and large
    unmanned counter
    AI Counter