INFINIQ, a company specializing in automatic driving solutions,
We prepare for our future with humanity and technology.

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    Korea headquarters in Seoul

    Intelligence learning data and solution company specialized in automatic driving vision. Owns the largest data set in Asia, and based on this, it is creating a future where humans and technology coexist by converging artificial intelligence technology.

    Korea Institute of Artificial Intelligence

    AI STUDIO LAB was established with top experts from various fields of artificial intelligence. We specialize in developing artificial intelligence models and learning data platforms. It holds 96 domestic and foreign patent registrations and applications, and 5 trademark rights.

  • EU
    Luxembourg EU Corporation

    Established to actively target overseas markets based on the European market, the world's largest automobile market and equipped with automatic driving infrastructure. Automotive Campus, which provides special support as an automobile industry-specific development complex, is carrying out R&D and sales activities based on global technology.

    Hanoi Vietnam Corporation

    Operating a local corporation in Vietnam with excellent talent and infrastructure to expand influence in the Asian market and strengthen its market dominance. In addition to cost efficiency, we are securing quality and scalability through the operation of the training center.

infiniq in global

We believe that the future of the entire company begins with individual members.
  • For the best working environment, we focus on personal development and family-friendly systems other than the basic welfare system.

  • We operate a job invention program to strengthen intellectual property competitiveness and encourage development motivation.
    (56 or more patent applications after running the program.)

joined by artificial intelligence in all fields.

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