1. 2023
    • Selected as the 'Defense Innovation Company 100' (Defense Acquisition Program Administration)
    • Launched Artificial Intelligence Development Platform, 'AI-STUDIO'
    • Membor of 'Korea Defense Industry Association'
    • Selected as Artificial Intelligence Data Integration Partner of 'Hyundai Motor Group'
    • Full-fledged Expansion of Data Business by Expanding INFINIQ's Corporation Office Building in Vietnam
    • Launched AI Integrated Monitoring Solution, 'HEIDI-AI'
  2. 2022
    • Selected as Military Service Designated Company in the Second Half of 2022 (Research Institute)
    • Obtained AA, A Grade in Technical Evaluation (Korea Evaluation Data, E-credible)
    • Launched Convergence Framework for Artificial Intelligence Development, 'DataStudio'
    • Export Cooperation MOU with 'Avalanche'
    • CES 2022 Innovation Award Winner_Artificial Intelligence Retail Solution 'AI Counter'
  3. 2021
    • Opened Vision AI-based Unmanned Store, 'Mealy'
    • Selected as KOREA AI STARTUP 100
    • Merged Research and Development Subsidiary, 'AI Studio'
    • Launched Personal Information De-Identification Solution, 'Wellid'
    • Agreement for Partner Program Registration and Collaboration with 'AWS'
    • Contract with 'Murata' for Data Service
    • AI∙Autonomous Driving Technology Development MOU with 'Morai'
  4. 2020
    • Established INFINIQ Europe Subsidiary (Luxembourg)
    • Dataset Establishment MOU with 'Arcadia'
    • Artificial Intelligence Data Business(in Russia) MOU with 'Lanit''
    • Launched AI Data Annotation Platform
  5. 2019
    • Established Research and Development Subsidiary, 'AI Studio'
    • Commence of Autonomous Driving Data Collaboration With 'Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Autoever, AIRS Company)'
    • Launched Autonomous Driving Data Collection Service
  6. 2016 ~ 2018
    • Established INFINIQ Vietnam Subsidiary
    • Selected as 'LG Electronics' Best Partner (7 years in a row, 2012~2018)
    • Commence of LiDAR 3D Annotation Service
    • Launched Data Annotation Product
    • Commence of AI Data Annotation Service
    • Established Hardware Testing Subsidiary, 'QOOD'
  7. 2005 ~ 2015
    • Defense SW Development Business Cooperation and MOU for Project Cooperation_SevenCore
    • Qualification of Venture Company Confirmation Certificate
    • Change of Compnay Name to 'INFINIQ'
    • Established Corporate Research Institute (Software Quality)
    • Commence of Quality Diagnosis Consulting (SK Telecom)
    • Launched Korea's First Private Quality Certification Service (Bugfree)
    • Company Established (Former Company Name: Bug Test)